The African Explorer

Your private train: The African Explorer, as a rolling hotel, offers sleeping compartments in three categories, an air-conditioned restaurant car where tempting three-course dinners are served, and a bar car.

Your Cabins

Category Elephant

The Elephant Category sleeping compartments offer a private shower and toilet, individually adjustable air-conditioning, and a small bedside cabinet. The compartments (approx. 7 m²) are equipped with two berths in an L-shape (one lower and upper berth, partially overlapping), two individual berths next to each other, or a double berth. There are a total of six cars in the Elephant Category, each with fivecompartments.


Category Leopard

The Leopard Category sleeping compartments are approx. 10 m² and equipped with two single berths or a double berth. Each compartment in this category also has a compact wardrobe and a small seating area. A hair-dryer and small toiletries are also provided. There are a total of two cars in the Leopard Category, each with three sleeper suites. Still water is provided daily in your compartment. You also enjoy especially attractive deluxe suites during your stay at the lodge at the Etosha National Park.