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Please make your own way to hotel in Paris. 
In the morning free time in Paris. In the early afternoon meet at the hotel for coach transfer to train station for train to Nantes. On arrival in Nantes, transfer to the accommodation near Le Clozo. Le Clozo is in Brittany, on the Atlantic coast, in a scenic coastal area dotted with ancient ports, beautiful villages and picturesque waterways.
Daily workshop at Poterie de Keryavec. Refer separate workshop program.  On the 4th day we will have a pit firing and dinner at the studio. 
We will visit the Marche des Potiers in Le Fuilet, an annual pottery fair in a small village with 6 artisan potteries.  14th July is also Bastille Day, a national French holiday when the start of the French revolution is celebrated throughout France. 
We will hold a Raku firing and have a workshop wrap up.
In the morning we will visit Carnac with its 3,000 megaliths which date from 4,000BC. After touring the site we will visit the Museum of prehistory with 450,000 years of human history including Neolithic clay jewellery. From there we will travel to visit a local pottery workshop well known for its contemporary French painted decoration with a seaside theme.
We will take a coach to The Kerguéhennec Estate, where in the grounds of the 18th century château is a sculpture park that’s ranked as one of the best in Europe. Monumental sculptures are dotted across the park, some blending into the scenery, some standing out in contrast, and the quirkiness of these creations leave you surprised.  In the middle of these creations, at the top of the little valley, stands the château, built in 1710, and inspired by the style of Versailles and Louis XI’s architects. Inside, the decor is a far cry from the 21st century and the contemporary art exhibitions that are held here.
In the morning we will visit the markets in the walled town of Vannes. In the afternoon you will have free time to explore the well preserved medieval streets or visit the cathedral, Chateau Gaillard which houses a Museum of Archaeology or tour a 13th Century market that has been converted into a Museum of fine arts. In the evening we will board a boat to cruise the Golfe de Morbihan (little sea) a beautiful nearly enclosed bay of 42 islands that has been described as one of the most beautiful bays in the world.
In the morning we will visit Quimper, the French home of Faience (painted earthenware ceramics) and visit the Ceramic Museum as well as the last remaining workshop dedicated to Faience. After time to wander and see some of the other sites of the town we will travel to Pont Aven, a historical and beautiful port town that for several hundred years was a quiet port town with an industry based around its watermills and port, then towards the end of the 19th century it also gained a reputation as an art town. A significant number of artists are still attracted here and give the town its name of the 'city of artists'. After time to explore we will hold a sketching session at one of the amazing vistas this town provides.
In the morning we will visit Rochefort en Terre, officially described as one of the beautiful villages of France, with its old houses bedecked with flowers. The American painter Alfred Klotz bought the 12th century Chateau in 1907 and he both restored the Chateau and encouraged the villagers to decorate their houses and the village with flowers and the tradition continues today. From there we will head to our hotel in Nantes.
After breakfast we will visit the Château des ducs de Bretagne, the city’s most important historic building. Seen from the city, it is a fortress with 500 metres of curtain walls punctuated by seven towers, all linked by a sentry walkway. Inside, the courtyard reveals an elegant 15th century ducal residence in flamboyant gothic style and bearing the first traces of Renaissance inspiration, as well as other buildings dating back from the 16th and the 18th centuries. From there we will visit the Museum of Fine Arts, established in 1801 by Napoleon Bonaparte with 40 works. Since then the collections have expanded significantly and now include masterpieces such a Claude Monet’s Water Lillies. After 6 years of closure, the museum reopened in 2015 with 2,000 m2 of additional exhibition space and restored facades. The museum's collection of over 12,000 pieces stretches from primitive to modern art and covers every type of art creation. Artists include Jan Brueghel the Elder, Max Ernst, Pablo Picasso, Vassily Kandinsky and Theodore Rousseau to name just a few.
Our tour ends after breakfast. Free time in Nantes prior to your arranged departure or you can extend your stay if you want to explore the town or the area further.

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